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Our research cover various fields and specialized in reactions as follows:

1. Palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions, such as Suzuki coupling, Heck reaction, Sonogashira coupling, Buchwald-Hartwig amination, etc.
2. Water and Oxygen free reactions under low temperature (-78℃), such as Swern oxidation, formylation or acetylation of aryl or heterocyclic bromides, preparation of boronic acids, etc.
3 Hydrogenation, including high-pressure and atmospheric pressure with various catalysts such as Raney Ni, Pd/C, Pd(OH)2, PtO2, ect.
4. Others, reductive amination, Mitsunobu reaction, Curtius rearrangement, Strecker reaction, Schiemann reaction, Gabriel’s primary amine synthesis, Wittig Reaction, ect.

Extreme reaction conditions as follows

  1. High Pressure  :2.5MPa
  2. High Temperature : 250℃
  3. Low Temperature: -78℃
  4. Vacuum Distillation: 2mmHg
  5. High Performance Separate & Rectify

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