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Hangzhou Chemipanda Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, is a chemistry-based manufacturer specialized in custom synthesis of intermediates for drug discovery and API production, especially in rare chemicals. Covering an area of 500 sq.m. R&D laboratory and one CGMP pilot plant, we can provide Custom Synthesis, Custom Manufacture for intermediates and APIs, Contract services by project or FTE and Sourcing starting materials from milligrams to quintals.

Located in the west of Hangzhou,zhejiang province, China, next to Zhejiang University, our company keeps good cooperation with Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Normal University.

Our research cover various fields and specialized in reactions as follows:
1. Palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions, such as Suzuki coupling, Heck reaction, Sonogashira coupling, Buchwald-Hartwig amination, etc.
2. Water and Oxygen free reactions under low temperature (-78℃), such as Swern oxidation, formylation or acetylation of aryl or heterocyclic bromides, preparation of boronic acids, etc.
3 Hydrogenation, including high-pressure and atmospheric pressure with various catalysts such as Raney Ni, Pd/C, Pd(OH)2, PtO2, ect.
4. Others, reductive amination, Mitsunobu reaction, Curtius rearrangement, Strecker reaction, Schiemann reaction, Gabriel’s primary amine synthesis, Wittig Reaction, ect.

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